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Hot Mess!

Like a mini-conference or fair, art making in real time, simultaneously in person and streaming online, All ages encouraged to attend! 


Each event features a unique group of about five artists
<intergenerational transcultural multidisciplinary>
A performance installation made up of art film poetry theater noise talkshow

<lowbrow glitch Queer Family dance score improvs>

​Performances take place on the following Saturdays in 2023: May 27, July 29, and October 28
Each date has two sets lasting approx 1 hour each: 4:20pm & 8pm


Next Event:

May 27 4:20pm & 8pm

@Elastic Arts Foundation


Featuring Esteemed Artists (scroll for full bios):

Hiroko Tamano @tamanokoichi

Mallory Q @qiumallory

MzMr @humangalaxy

Riin Peisert @riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

Va-Bene Elikem K. Fiatsi @crazinist_artist

Cross Pollination with the exhibition in Lucerne, Switzerland, <<Video Hybrid>>. B74 Raum für Kunst is a non-profit contemporary art space located a fifteen-minute walk from Lucerne train station. For 5 years (until September 2018 under the name k25 exhibition space, Kellerstrasse 25, 6005 Lucerne), has been a platform for interdisciplinary art exchange at regional, national and international level. The space is managed by ten artists, who also practice their work in the field of curating and exhibiting.  Another focus of the B74 Raum für Kunst program is the exchange and linking of different art scenes. The active members work on their projects with great personal commitment and thus create a program that carries on the idea of ​​an independent art space.

Interested to Participate in a Future Hot Mess?
Check the form online and we will get back to you!


Explore a playlist of previous Hot Mess! videos HERE, or visit the Elastic Arts website.

For each Episode, we invite a group of artists to bring themselves and their idea that is in progress or revisioning and ask them to make two 40-50 minute sets, all together. These shows are hybrid works including both remote and in person humans participating and viewing.


The  4:20pm set is our first draft, exposing in-process moments, us all showing up and listening in to one another. The 8pm set is our do-over, our next iteration, using experience gained from the first set, we rearrange, transition and revise. ENJOY LIFE ENJOY LIVE ART


Hot Mess! is a psychedelic collage of sounds, images, text, motion, bodies, and concepts. Each set lasts an hour, the sound and shape determined by each particular group of artists. Individual artists bring their particular idea to perform somehow simultaneously with others, in both physical and virtual space. This working together flexes our interpersonal skill building while adapting to new tools, technology and experiences. Neuropathways growing.

Hot Mess! focuses on the moments of co-creation and gives the artists and the audience a play-space to meet each other across time, genre, cultures, perspective, experience... it demonstrates the power of working together in the unknown, possibilities for Queering space, and the beauty in transformation while making art!


Hiroko Tamano. (Born in 1952 in Fukuoka prefecture, the second of three daughters in a farmer's family). In 1970, she moved to Tokyo to study art. In 1971, she visited Hijikata's studio and joined his company in 1972. She made her stage debut with " 燔儀大踏鑑 ( HanGi DaiTouKwan)" at Kyoto University’s West auditorium. She became Koichi Tamano’s partner and has been working with him ever since. In the late 70s, Koichi and Hiroko moved to the United States, settling in the Bay area. They were the first Japanese butoh settlers on the West Coast. Hiroko has been teaching & introducing butoh to generations of students in the US for 30 years now. She is still teaching, choreographing, and performing today.


Pronoun: "sHit” if not “she" Born 1981 in Ho, Ghana, Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT] is a transwoman who works internationally but lives in Kumasi, Ghana. sHit is a multidisciplinary “artivist”, curator, mentor, the founder and artistic director of crazinisT artisT studio and perfocraZe International Artists Residency (pIAR) which aimed at promoting exchange between international and local artists, activists, researchers, curators, and thinkers. crazinisT has performed and exhibited across the globe including countries such as Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Switzerland, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, Cape Verde, USA, Spain, Brazil, France and UK. sHit has also been featured in several, publications and magazines such as the I-D Vice London, I-D Vice Dutch, Financial times, King Kong Magazine, CCQ London, Maimi Rails, ‘Freeflowingvisuals’, TRT WORD Film Documentary, This is Africa, Art Ghana, Lost At E Minor, CNN, The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Tageszeitung (TAZ), Horizonte da Cena, Radio FRO etc


Rin Peisert is an interdisciplinary artist who works with bodies, sounds, found objects, and live actions to explore conditions for interdependence and sincerity. Her site-responsive actions use intervention and interaction as tools to reorganize behavior and to exaggerate the quotidian. Peisert’s performance work has been seen at Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Power Station of Art Shanghai, The Momentary Museum, and Defibrillator Art Gallery, and as well as street corners, rooftops, a bank vault, a bomb shelter, and a market for arranged marriages. Peisert has an MFA in Art Practice from School of Visual Arts, NYC. She also co-produces and conducts the graphic score series, Image of Thought and is the Performing Arts Curatorial Artist-in-Residence at Elastic Arts, organizing the series, Relative Intensity Noise.


Mallory Yanhan Qiu (b. Chongqing, China) is a Chicago-based artist and curator who is deeply passionate about live sound performance, sonic studies, body movement, poetry, and digital visuals. Mallory draws inspiration from physical sensations and biological movements, aiming to flip the familiar and discover memory-laden places that coexist both near and far. She has performed at Compound Yellow, Epiphany Center for the Arts, Elastic Arts, Mana Contemporary, {} () {} ∆ ‡ | () {} Nonation Art Lab, Research House for Asian Art, SAIC, and Tritriangle. 

Mz. Mr. has been a burlesque performer for more than a decade and has trained professionals in the Chicago area and around the world. But many days find her teaching at the Chicago Therapy Collective, a mental health and advocacy organization for trans people. There, she plans events like a variety show for trans performers at Andersonville’s Midsommarfest 2022 in Andersonville. Mz. Mr. holds a masters degree in art therapy from the School of the Art Institute.

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