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I am an artist and social entrepreneur, currently based in Chicago, working with saratonin, dba as an arts organization. Seeking collaborators for community arts projects, performances, and events. I am specifically interested in bringing people together around transforming ecology and culture through art making. There is nothing I like better than making something really beautiful happen with a group of passionate people.


I am a performance artist, specifically interested in transformation. I have been practicing and studying with many master level Butoh artists for over 14 years, have taught and curated events to broaden the visibility of Butoh dance in Chicago for about 7 years. I build bridges with artists and communities locally, internationally, and with every attempt to nurture and develop safe spaces for creative discovery. I believe in lifelong learning.


I am a designer/marketer. I have developed websites, brands, logos, promotional materials, and publications for artists, educators, and entrepreneurs for over 20 years.  I love working with artist clients to achieve goals through strategic planning,  business and marketing plans that align with their artistic statement and mission. Sometimes I help with graphics and websites, but this is more and more rare.

Currently, I practice thai massage as an integral part of my creative process. In April 2018, I graduated from Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies. I now offer massage at sliding scale rates from $60-$120 for 90 minute sessions (I also consider barter for exchange). 


Contact me if you are interested in working together, subscribe to my list if you want to follow my activities. I send an email about every 6 weeks.

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sara at saratonin dot com

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