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Quarterly Series in partnership with Elastic Arts

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Saturday, November 13
In-person audience invited 4:20pm & 7:30pm

You must be vaccinated to enter Elastic Arts. Please wear a mask.

Get a ticket to either or both shows for $10, or show up day of <3

Stream it LIVE online at 4:20 & 8pm;


Cristal & Julius Sabbagh @cristalsabbagh

Zoë Darling @zoedarling2

Mitsu Salmon @mitsusalmon

Sky Goodman @sci_fi_mascara

Natalia Nicholson @nnicholson69

&myself @01saratonin

This is a ripe time for working simultaneously at home and across continents and oceans. We are traversing never-before-experienced combinations of sounds, images, text, motion, and interactions.


¡HOT MESS! is an opportunity to explore promiscuously inventive hybrids of performing in physical and virtual space. We flex our VR and interpersonal skills while also adapting to new tools, technology and experiences. 


This series focuses on the moments of co-creation and gives the artists a play-space to discover new ways of working together and interacting with the audience. The double header performance gives the artists space to find the power of working together in the unknown, possibilities for Queering space, and the beauty in re-starting while making art!

Link to Archive of June 5 show:

with Collaborating Artists:

Norman W. Long @normanwlong, Chloe Yu-Nong Lin @chloeyunonglin_pipa, Luc Mosley @fallingflowerarts, Adrian Wood @adriankvwood, Kyle Gregory Price @kylegregoryprice

Archive of August 12 show:

with Collaborating Artists: 

Momo domo @momodono_pchs, Isaiah @Isaiah_the_barbergod, Eryka Dellenbach @erykadellenbach, Fereshteh Toosi @fereshtehtoosi, Noa/h Fields @doyounoahpoet

We are always seeking new relationships to open our perspective and learn from others. If you are interested to be involved, contact me and/or check this survey to get a sense of what it's all about.

HOTMESS_NOVArtboard 3.jpg

(Image Description: An abstract image of a cactus, a prickle of lines in green, yellow, and tangerine, with an afterimage of purple and blues swiped across. It reads: ¡HOT MESS! in a leafy texture and Featuring Cristal & Julius Sabbagh, Zoë Darling, Mitsu Salmon, Sky Goodman, & Natalia Nicholson in white.

Sunday, July 18, Norman W. Long and I led a soundwalk at Marian R. Byrnes park, 2200 E. 103rd St., 4-6pm. We set up listening stations with contact mics and hydrophones for participants to tune into this unlikely prairie zone. A little bit about the radical work of Marian Byrnes and how she worked to save Van Vlissingen prairie.


I'm not gonna lie, its a long way to come! You can take the bus from downtown, the J14103rd/Stony Island and get off about 45 minutes later at 103rd Street & Luella. Check out the full summer calendar of events with the Midwest Society for Ecology here

We played at the Comfort Station in Logan Square on August 8 and hoping to do another one really soon. Stay tuned to either of our Instagrams for those details. 


Columbia College Chicago Digital Residency

From On the Ground, the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago’s blog, I wrote "Transitions"

I want to be someone else, other than who I am. Constantly and always. Forever transforming. When I dance, I am no one. I am all energy and sensation. I am a body of cells responding to other bodies of cells, to space, to sound, to subtle forces of physics.


Read the post here

It is related to a poem I wrote under another name, published in the gorgeous new zine called The Understory (Winter 2021)

Image on page 24, poem on pages 59-61

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 4.23.53 PM.png

Archive of Performance Premiered April 15, 2021 

Dance and Music performance with Cristal Sabbagh, Erin Peisert, Scott Rubin, Keisha Janae, & Ramah Malebranche, and myself.


OOPS! POW! SURPRISE! takes a deep look at Cristal Sabbagh’s interdisciplinary practice that includes traditional portraiture, ceramics, and performance. While movement is the spine of her practice and the core that all her other work emanates from, intentional spontaneity, reverence, and bliss are threads woven throughout.

ONLINE Performances

Freedom From and Freedom To

Archive of Performance
April 2-3, 2021
Cristal Sabbagh production in partnership Elastic Arts

(All the sets are archived on the Elastic Arts YouTube channel)

Secret Rivers:
Hosted Yumiko Yoshioka
April 9-11on zoom

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Quarantine Concerts: OUT OF SITE in collaboration with Experimental Sound Studio PRESENTS FLOW


When making a live work, as a performance, as an artist who poets and sounds and makes movements and moments as rituals, as possibilities for existence, in this work I used sound and video images from the island of Oahu, Hawaii, mixed with live moments from my home, asking for input from my audience, to questions about secrets and holding and requesting space. The performance is a live poem, a song; with the artist as mixer, as presenter, as witness, as dancer, conspirator and space creator. This presentation is an incomplete work. 

FIND MORE FLOW -------------->

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 4.32.39 PM.png


Virtual Soundwalk curated by Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology.  Marian R. Byrnes Park, previously known as Park No. 562 or Van Vlissingen Prairie, is located in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood. At approximately 135 acres, it is one of the largest natural areas in Chicago. The site includes marsh, wet prairie, prairie, savanna, and woodland and is a great place to observe wildlife including frogs, snakes, birds, and deer.


By 1982, the steel industry in Chicago was only a skeleton of what it once was, and thousands of people lost their jobs. This industry crash affected workers in diverse sectors that either relied on the steel plants for business or served the employees of the steel plants and their families. Aside from mills and processing plants, stores, restaurants and country clubs all went out of business, leaving vacant lots, industrial grounds and many open spaces that remain today.


The video provides a brief history of the park and neighborhood from Norman W. Long’s personal perspective as a local resident of Jeffery Manor. Norman and Sara guide us visually and sonically in a relaxation and sensation, listening to the sounds provided by this diverse ecology.

November 7

Artist Focus: Random Acts

Conversation with Carron Little with Out of Site, Chicago

Archive of conversation:

October 4

@Elastic Arts, Chicago

A series of duos with me and these fellow brilliant artists, musicians, available on bandcamp.

Espinoza/Long Duo

Steelworkers Drone


Archived Performances:

Norman & Sara:
Norman & Xris:
Xris & Sara:
Norman, Xris, & Sara:

X. Espinoza
Chicago based artist, multi-instrumentalist and resident at The Hunter Radcliff House, Espinoza explores art and music as technology for self-transformation and liberation, consciously obliterating distinctions between mediums. Member of David Boykin's Sonic Healing ministries, The Participatory Music Coalition, Angel Bat Dawid's Brothahood, . He has performed with Sura Dupart's Side Pocket Experience, MicroCosmic Sound Orchestra and Chicago Modern Orchestra Project.

Norman W. Long
An artist/composer. His practice involves walking, listening, collecting, improvising, performing and recording to create objects, environments and situations in which he and the audience are engaged in dialogues about memory space, value, silence and the invisible. Norman has performed with Angel Bat Dawid's Brothahood, Standing On The Corner, Sara Zalek, Chicago Phonography, Todd Carter, Carol Genetti, Eli Namay, Peter Maunu, Jim Baker, Damon Locks, Dan Bitney, Isaiah Spencer, Lia Kohl, and Andrew Clinkman.


August 21
Cruising Poem for Walt Whitman

August 28
Funeral Disco

Two events co-sponsored by Touchless Entry & Red Rover Series

Site-specific outdoor events designed with safety concerns in mind. 

at the Formal Garden in Humboldt Park

near the intersection of Sacramento & Division

Writeup on sixty inches from center


August 21

Heavy Air Happy Hour
Experimental Sound Studio (ESS)


Heavy Air Happy Hour was a monthly series at Cafe Mustache

hosted by Andrew Scott Young centered around strictly acoustic

small-group free improvisation. Today it happens online.

Cristal Sabbagh
Sara Zalek
Tuli Bera
Luc Mosley
Quinlan Kirchner
Andrew Scott Young

Aug 22 & 23

Freedom From and Freedom To

Elastic Arts

Archive of Night One, Set One:

all curated and produced by the brilliant Cristal Sabbagh.

Lorene Bouboushian
Keisha Janae
Ed Clemons
Carole McCurdy
Erin Peisert
Cristal Sabbagh
Michael Strode
Sara Zalek

Angel Bat Dawid (clarinet, voice)
Johanna Brock (violin, voice)
Olivia Harris (cello)
Ramah Malebranche (guitar)
Janice Misurell-Mitchell (flute)
Luc Mosley (saxophone)
Ugochi Nwaogwugwu (voice)
Julian Otis (voice)
Scott Rubin (viola)
Eli Sabbagh (percussion)
Jeffrey Thomas (guitar)
Adam Zanolini (multiple instruments)

Event Homepage :

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 9.51.00 AM.png

July 24

Random Acts: Out of Site Chicago

in collaboration with ESS

Remote performance and discussion with Cristal Sabbagh and Scott Rubin





Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 10.51.28
The Quarantine Concerts

April 9

Homeroom presents Comfort Music

Duet with Cher Jey


April 24
Acorn Series, curated by Nomi Epstein


Saturdays 3:30-5:30pm
March 28, April 4, April 11

OPEN VOICE is a voice and body workshop focusing on vocal technique and improvisation, hosted by the performance group, the Trickster Quartet. If the sound of your voice is always something you've wished to explore, come and join! Discover the possibilities and uniqueness of your voice, individually and with a group. Learn to deepen your listening skills. Get in touch with your inner child and create through playful improvisation. No previous experience necessary. Everyone is worthy of expression!




12 December

Elastic Arts, 3429 W Diversey Ave #208


Freedom From And Freedom To is an an Improvisational cross-medium event curated by Cristal Sabbagh. Due to the overwhelming response from the first performance it will be a quarterly event, look out for us in April, August and beyond!! Over 20 musicians and dancers will converge, and audience members will pair them into small groups by chance. Buckle up for a wild ride!

"It's so deeply moving when improvisers open themselves to risk, fully revealing without hiding anything or pretending to be somebody" - Erin Peisert

Visit for more information.


15-17 November

The Final Doing Drugs & Dying in Space Ritual

There's No Edge to Imaginary Things

Otherworld Theatre Company

3914 N Clark St, Chicago

The Runways Lab is thrilled to announce the THIRD & FINAL DOING DRUGS AND DYING IN SPACE RITUAL. I will be performing in one play out of thirteen, "There's No Edge to Imaginary Things by Olivia Cronk & Philip Sorenson, directed by the illustrious Logan Berry. It is GORGEOUS.

13 short plays about DOING DRUGS and DYING IN SPACE by: Corie Anderson, Lizzie Bourne, Shani Bensman-Correa & Maximillian Correa, Olivia Cronk & Philip Sorenson, Logan Hart, Colton McCarty, Jessie Mccarty, Daniel Mozurkewich, Nic Park & Alissa Guerra, Barbara Reedy, Gannon Reedy, Casey Toney, Samantha Westlake

Directed by:
Aaron Arbiter, Logan Berry, Dakota Brown, JD Caudill, Niky Crawford, Seraphina Violet Cueller, Danielle Elizabeth, Daniel Mozurkewich, Jillian E. Mueller, Alec Martin Plant, Steak Richardson, Gwen Wiegold


5 November 8pm-8am

We Series: Sleep

@Elastic Arts


This chapter is a ritual for rest, sleepers, and insomniacs. Also lullabies, existential exhaustion, cuddling, dreams, sleeplessness, nightmares, snoring. Guests are invited to sleep over, but it is not a requirement.*

We Series is a festival presenting live art that blurs the boundary between performance and reality. Every Tuesday in November, the We Series offers rituals, participatory performance, and immersion in artist-led experiences.

6 October Sunday | 9PM

Akiyama/Boyd, Krausbauer/Suzuki, Inglizian/Faber, Brock/Alvarez/Zalek/Young

@Elastic Arts

Maverick improvising guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama joins conceptual sound artist Mykel Boyd and many others for an exciting lineup of innovative new music. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 4.23.57 PM.png

12 September Thursday, 9pm

Freedom From and Freedom To

@Elastic Arts

Freedom From And Freedom To is an an Improvisational cross-medium event curated by Cristal Sabbagh.

Participants (Dancers): Cristal Sabbagh Jasmine Mendoza Andrea Wukitsch Wannapa P/ Eubanks Sara Zalek Peter Redgrave Zach Nicol Erin Peisert Ed Clemons Keisha Bennette


Participants (Musicians): Eli Sabbagh (percussion) Ramah Malebranche (guitar)

Angel Bat Dawid (clarinet, voice) Adam Zanolini (Bass) N.w. Long (electronics/sound effects) Janice Misurell-Mitchell (flute) Ugochi Nwaogwugwu (voice) Dan Schwarzlose (trumpet, theremin) Lia Khol (cello)


20 July Saturday

MSAE Summer Soundwalks: Listening for Resilience

@Big Marsh Park, 11155 S. Stony Island Ave, Chicago

Norman W. Long and Sara Zalek lead an exploration of resiliency through Big Marsh Park. Includes exercises which ready the body for listening acutely and sharing our encounters. Presented by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Night Out In the Parks brings arts and culture to over 500 parks across the city, free and open for public participation.


30 June Sunday

@Experimental Sound Studio

5925 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago



A silent walk focusing on listening to the diverse soundscape of the west Edgewater neighborhood. Led by artist trio N.w. Long, Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson and Sara Zalek.


1 June Saturday
Long Poem
As a part of “What’s behind this door?” exhibition
@Oliva Gallery, 3816 W Armitage Ave, Chicago


We add                      water to wine
                    art to life                        wine to ideas
      water to art                                                     art to words

We will ask each other and you about the ways our art-making
reflects, influences or resists the world we live in and vice versa.


31 May Friday
Hautnah "Close to the Skin"
Student Performance

Six day Intensive Butoh Workshop culminating in a student performance.


Truly a family experience, we will provide light snacks and beverages, feel free to BYOB.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.31.29

10 May Friday

Gold Test: Intestine

The Inside is Not Different than the Outside
The International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, IL

Spend the evening awake in your senses with three visceral Butoh performances by Jon Poindexter, Sara Zalek, and Holly Chernobyl.


This is from a series of improvisations on reflection, repair, and cyborgs. 

In this work, I explore relationships between metal and body, iteration and instance, presence and absence.  I aim to create mythologies which question the nature of how stories are created and reiterated, and examine our human condition to search for the magic elixir.

05102019_Museum of Surgical Science_066.

26 January Saturday

Gold Test: Ears
Light Box Performance

Detroit, MI

Performing as a visiting artist in residence @LightBox, from a series of experiments on reflection, repair, and cyborgs. In this work, we explore relationships between metal and body, iteration and instance, presence and absence. There will be both sound and movement created in the moment which aim to question the meaning of our lives together in the moment of creation. This performance suggests a story rather than narrates one - we invite viewers to find their own relevance and meaning in the work. We aim to create mythologies which question the nature of how stories are created and reiterated, and examine our human condition to search for the magic elixir.


11 January Friday

Transparent Bodies

Sivan Cohen Elias, Mabel Kwan

Transparent Bodies is an exploration of hybrid theater that unifies the physical and sonic dimensions of performance using movement, sound, objects, and sensory technological interventions. The project is a collaboration between composer/multimedia artist Sivan Cohen Elias, butoh dancer/choreographer/artist Sara Zalek and pianist/performer Mabel Kwan. At its heart: the theme of secrets. Hidden secrets, revealed secrets, reflections, distorted truths, illusion, hyperrealism and the in-between.

We invite you to come investigate with us, this world of secrets, created during our unique residency period of December 24-Jan 12. Our incubation period is brief, so through our performance, your interaction, and the in-between, we create stories that begin with diamonds in haystacks, and end as forgotten dust bunnies under the bed.