Currently Closed. We do hope to resume bodywork sessions sometime in 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates. 

RelaxStation is an office environment rearrangement for Bodywork sessions. Promotes one-on-one body/mind wellness care and is a quiet disruption to the office vibe. Bodywork is great for relief of tension, stress, and fatigue, and may offer you space to find internal creative play and perspectives. Services are flexible to suit a schedule, and prices are based on the amount of time we spend together. Comfortable clothes are best for full body massages (stretchy, loose, natural fibers). I will have some all size clothing options on-hand if your clothing constricts your movement.

About this practice:
Thai Bodywork has become an extension of my artistic practice, which seeks personal
empowerment through the use of creative imagination. It’s quite a hybrid form, but includes
deep tissue work through compression combined with assisted stretching, supported
movement, and tension release. Healing takes place inside each of us individually, and I value
connecting to the part of you that seeks movement, or clearing of stagnation.


About me, Sara Zalek:
I am Chicago based artist, teacher, and healer, and have been working in various modes of
somatic arts for 30 years. I found Thai bodywork through a personal chronic injury, which
led to a 200 hour training at Blue Lotus in Chicago in 2017-8. This spring, I visited Pichest
Boonthumme in Thailand for more intensive study. I am inspired to practice more! I bring a
strong curiosity about body/mind integration, movement of both body and energy, and deep
listening to my practice. I am dedicated to further discovery and research in somatic healing
and art for a brighter future. Feel free to contact me with questions