Rooted in physical investigations of trauma, resilience, and hybrids, our collaborative artworks challenge capitalism both subtlety and overtly. From action-based performance art to street theater, to noise music, we use disruption as a tool to alter our perspective and to .​ We disarm and empower our audience through sonic and movement based public interactions and intimate online performance.

We convene national and international teaching artists with Chicago art makers across genres in the independent and fringe arenas (including dance, butoh, poetry, experimental music). We collaborate with other artists to create opportunities for workshops, performances, and conversations about the body, for the body. Butoh Curious / Butoh Chicago

We are abolitionists. Our individual selves serve as microcosms of the collective body, and we yearn to keep our pulse together, to live, freedom firmly in our hearts. We wish to be trees like in the forest, interdependent, communicating and regenerating endlessly.